Raghav on Bibi

Bibi Magazine

April 10th, 2011

So Much!

Raghav & I

It was one of those unseasonably warm winter nights, when it just didn’t feel like Toronto. Thank you global warming, for working on days I need to be in high heels! Yes, stilettos in this year’s great white northern winter, but I had good reason; I was handling celebs for a high-profile event, and today was the night we’d meet our “charges”.

As I hob-nobbed with the cream of North American desis that night, and my feet started feeling the pain of shoes that look so good but feel so wrong, I decided to take a breather by the fireplace. Trying to rub my feet discreetly, without garnering attention, the sudden voice behind, startled me…for the rest of the story


4 responses to “Raghav on Bibi

  1. What a fun night! He has a good voice.

    Minhaj Arifin

  2. both u r looking nice.

  3. Wah! The last time I saw this dude in some video, he looked different and better 🙂 I think you’ve met/interviewed him before right?

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