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The Flood Diaries

Over the coming weeks I will be contributing to the Flood Series on Divanee.com.

The series will consist of my personal experiences in the field working with victims of the devastating floods that hit Pakistan this monsoon season, interviews with Pakistani personas, following organizations involved in reconstruction, and moods of mud that mire the motherland.

WARNING: These are NOT going to be feel good pieces, that carry the message of hope, patting oneself on the back for making a difference. If you are looking for a restoration of faith, I highly recommend you opt out of this blog now.

One Could Potentially Make a Career Out of This in Pakistan

There will be photos, there will be videos, there will be a lot of WTH moments, and there will some slight slivers of silver….here…there….

I will post the articles as they are published.

Uno – I Didn’t Make a Difference

SAYA Trust Medical Relief Camp Photos

Dos – Five Minutes to Save the World

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